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28 May 2018

The Marketplace: What is it?

The Marketplace:

What is it?

Today, the digital revolution touches every sector of activity and enlarges the field of possibilities in a way that was unthinkable a few years ago, especially in the real estate scope. Created in 2014, IMMO SQUARE joins this revolution and benefits from the numeric boom to develop new services. 

 Specialized in the commercialization of digital solutions and services in the real estate industry, IMMO SQUARE has created an e-commerce platform, with the objective of selling its different products and services. Released in September 2017, The Marketplace reunites in one place all the applications an tools developed for real estate agents and brokers.   

These services compose a wide range, from a photo retouch software (Pixis), to automatic drafting of real estate ads (Deep Flow Realty), as well as the creation of mini websites (1clic.IMMO). All of these tools were conceived to simplify the shaping and posting of ads, by making real estate professionals save time. Driven by constant innovation, IMMO SQUARE is always presenting users with novelty and improvements in their offer.

This French-Canadian start-up leans equally on its numerous partnerships in order to offer innovative solutions to its clients. For example LIstGlobally, an ad broadcasting portal at an international level, or even Social IMMO, an automatic video generator for social media. 

The Marketplace is the ideal place to find all of these offers, but also the necessary information and new products. It allows you to benefit from one mediator, who will take care of answering all of your questions for each IMMO SQUARE partner.

Are you interested in a particular product? Go to The Marketplace and find the endless opportunities IMMO SQUARE has to offer!    



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