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28 May 2018

A Trust-Based Relationship

Via Capitale organized a Performance Gala, hosted on Saturday, February 10th 2018. This event served as an occasion to shed light on those agents and Via Capitale franchises that had an excellent year.

It is our pleasure to congratulate Sylvie Rovida, who works with IMMO SQUARE since the beginning, and who was awarded twice during the ceremony. She received a "Méritas d'or", for agents having obtained commissions of $100 000 and mover over the course of 2017. Also, she is now part of the Top 100 Via Capitale Quebec 2017.

As a real estate agent in Montreal after several years, Sylvie has always known how to show herself available to clients to offer them the best in the market. Thanks to her website, conceived to her image with 1clic.IMMO by IMMO SQUARE, she has increased the value of her work and her clients' gratitude. The technologies available in IMMO SQUARE's Marketplace allow her to present daily and successfully the ensemble of her properties. We are very proud of the success and trust that link us to Sylvie Rovida.      



28 May 2018
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28 May 2018
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