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28 May 2018

AMPI and IMMO SQUARE: It's Official!


IMMO SQUARE is happy to announce its partnership with AMPI (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios A.C.). 

Who is AMPI?

AMPI (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios) is a national association for real estate professionals in Mexico. It is the most important association in the real estate scope with 4000 members and representation in 70 regions. Since 1956, this solid organization controls the rules, mediators, commercialization agents, promoters and financial advisors. It is essential to have at your disposal an organization such as AMPI in Mexico to regulate the industry. It operated side by side with the government and municipalities, by proposing laws and reforms always in the best interest of the real estate activity.   


What is covered by the partnership?

Presently, the real estate industry is fully developing in Mexico, which explains IMMO SQUARE's will to be part of these changes, next to the professionals, walking with them into the world of "real estate 2.0". From this partnership, IMMO SQUARES wishes to present real estate professionals with innovative technologies, at convenient prices for AMPI members, seeking to improve their service offer and better explore the possibilities opened by the digital environment. Following several meetings with real estate agencies, AMPI and APCI (Asociación de Profesionales en Comercialización Inmobiliaria), IMMO SQUARE has a better global vision and is able to propose solutions adapted to particular scenarios in the Mexican market, which Mexicans call "localisation" of applications.       

What do we forsee from this partnership ?

One of our objectives is to give IMMO SQUARE high visibility and credibility in the Mexican real estate market, as well as to reinforce our export and internationalization strategies. 

From a more global point of view, Mexico was equally chosen as the door to enter the Latin American market.  

Support from Canada and BDC

The success of this partnership was possible thanks to the financial support of the governmental program Export Canada, which helps small and medium businesses wishing to develop new opportunities abroad. At the same time, IMMO SQUARE could also benefit from the support of the  Banque de Développement du Canada. These helpers, at financial, as well as relational and administrative levels, were essential to the accomplishment of this partnership. 



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