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20 Feb 2015

Navut : The neighborhood finder in Canada

####As proud neighborhood-know-it-alls, our partner Navut is always working hard to improve their users’ general experience. They want you to be able to identify, locate and explore your ideal neighborhood as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible, so you can enjoy your new home and locale that much faster. As such, they have spent the last few months revamping their **Neighborhood Profiles**, and making them better, faster, stronger... (you know the tune!) and as such, it’s with great pleasure that they are introducing their new Neighborhood Profile Pages. They’ve got all the same great local information which you’ve come to know and love, but with a new, easy-to-understand and complete layout, along with updated realtor profiles, easier-to-use maps and a plethora of other details.They have saved the best for last, however. If a picture is worth a thousand words, their new Neighborhood Profiles will truly speak volumes, thanks to the new neighborhood pictures we’re adding. We’ve started with Montreal and Toronto, but making each page as unique as its neighborhood takes time, so they are not quite done yet. Rest assured however, that they are dedicated to the cause, so before too long, you’ll be able to consult a sample of local photography on each neighborhood’s page, to give you a real taste of what living there is like. We think you’ll agree that these photographical glimpses will be a great asset in helping you determine which neighborhood is perfect for you; and truly allow each neighborhood’s one-of-a-kind flair to shine! Be sure to check them out today: • Quartier Des SpectaclesWestmountPlateau Mont-RoyalThat’s all from Navut for now, but they are always working so stay tuned for more exciting updates soon! If you would like to know which Canadian neighborhood is perfect for you, be sure to try out their Neighborhood Finder  today!



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