Centris Gateway

Centris automatic connexion

Synchronize your IMMO Store account with Centris automatically*. There is no manipulation of data to be done. 

Everyday, Centris sends data related to your properties, then it is updated on your IMMO Store gateway and on your 1clic.IMMO website.  

*All broker data transfer requests must be authorized by their agency director. By ordering this service, we will be sending you an email with the form you need to fill and send back to Centris. Once this process is finished, there is no more manipulation of data to be done. 

From 6.00 $ /month
+1 833-237-5110
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Centris Gateway 0-10 properties

Centris Gateway 0-10 properties
per month
6.00 $
per year
72.00 $


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